What we do

smartR services using innovative AI techniques.

smartR AI specialty services

As a consultancy company we specialize in AI applications and the interconnection of behavioral intelligence with IoT.
Our intelligence-based proprietary platforms, SERLE and alertR™, form the foundation of our AI developments and implementations.
We bring interoperability and interconnectivity to worldwide ecosystems and networks.
We are developing an extensive data library, with historian attributes, which clients can use.

IoT & behavioral intelligence

A behavioral intelligence-based alerting system;
alertR supports and protects vulnerable individuals, those requiring safety precautions, and property.

  • Safety and support
  • Efficient alert messaging process
  • Personalized and effective messaging
  • Interconnecting to devices and close contacts


PID control using Reinforcement
Understand and manage your large data sets like never before.

  • System control
  • Improved performance
  • Better classification of data


AI can work for your automation

The latest push in a number of markets is automation.

  • Optimization Reinforcement
  • Learning for continuous improvement
  • Monitor for system degradation and/or problems


Train to see objects and obstacles that talk to your neural networks;

  • Identify defects
  • Classify images – for example, what foods people are eating
  • Improve focusing
  • Resolution enhancement

Use Cases 



Life Sciences


Home safety and security

Workplace safety and security